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By 2020, 50% of our workforce will be millennials 

We will also see the entry of iZen's forcing organisations to think differently about learning. To engage and build employee confidence, a blended mix of technologies is required such as below to name a few. This Learning and Development approach will contribute to staff enjoyment and accelerate organisational outcomes. 

Video: Script, Film & Edit

Podcast &




Digital CV Service

Web Design


*Gamification, Virtual Reality and Learning Experience Systems are also available.

“Graham completely changed the philosophy of training. He made it so relevant and up to date and when presenting the training he did it in a way that made it fun and interactive. Attendees weren’t just sitting there being talked at for hours, they actually got involved even as far as doing role play and acting out certain real life scenarios that would happen. I worked under Graham to help with training especially and brought my acting side of things into play. Graham was always open to new ideas and working with people. He’s a great team leader and also a great team player. Very fun to work with and he really does know his stuff and always brings the best out of people."

Tyler Fayose - Actor & Photographer, Freelance.

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