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Coping with COVID-19 

Mental Health Workshop! 

2 Hour Brief

£65 per person

*discount rates available on request

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COVID-19: Due to social distancing advice, Virtual training now available!

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Coping with COVID-19 Mental Health 2 Hour Workshop


What is this course?

POD Learning understands how time is precious for any business executive in today's climate including the huge responsibility of supporting and leading people to achieve business outcomes. With this in mind, we have designed a specific 2 hour workshop session to support your knowledge and decision making in regard to employees coping with COVID-19 and business productivity. This two hour workshop is for any leader making executive decisions on business and people matters.

In presentation format, the course syllabus includes the following content:

  • What is Mental Health?

  • Statistics of Mental Health - What's the Story?

  • How does a Mental Health Illness or Episode occur?

  • Do people Recover from Mental Health Illness & Episodes?

  • Can we change Stigma, Discrimination and Attitudes?

  • Awareness of legislation and potential tax benefits?

  • Maintaining a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul.

What do I takeaway?

On attendance of the 2 hour workshop, executives will gain confidence and direction on all matters mental health and well-being within the workplace. You may also consider availing of POD Learning Policy & Procedure services. 

Who is the Instructor?

Graham has a wealth of experience in senior leadership roles working in many sectors including premier league football and technology. Graham has managed colleagues suffering from severe Mental Health Illness and to short term Episodes whilst leading. He has also had to explore several personal coping mechanisms whilst working within a fast-paced modern world. With a Master’s degree in People Performance and Organisation Development, in 2010 Graham wrote a paper on the impact of well-being in the workplace therefore is available as a consultant to help people and business growth safely.

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Client Feedback:

"Well delivered course, Graham had a great understanding of our business and the challenges we face. I would highly recommend this course."

"This course has helped me understand more about Mental Health and Mental Health Illness as well as how to make a self care plan to enable me to look after others and myself."

"This course has been an eye opener for me as I live with Mental Health issues everyday. I feel up-skilled to deal with these situations and feel empowered to say that it's OK, not to be OK! Thank you for everything."

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