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Attend a 

Mental Health Refresher! 

Adult Half Day Course

£125 per person

*discount rates available on request

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COVID-19: Due to social distancing advice, Virtual training now available!

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Adult Half Day Mental Health Refresher Training

What is this course?

Once you have become a Mental Health First Aider or Champion you will have built skills, knowledge and experiences of how to apply best practice. As with physical first aid, you will need to "check in" and update further through continuous professional development. POD Learning can offer you a Half-day Refresher course so your skills, knowledge and practice can be verified.


Mental Health England are a Community Interest Company who have developed this programme to reach all corners of society and help people manage Mental Health successfully. Mental Health England qualified Instructors follow a rigorous programme of competence to consistently deliver Mental Health England’s people and research-based syllabus.

This Half-day (4 hour) Mental Health First Aide/Champion Refresher course will include: 

  • Keep your awareness of mental health supports current

  • Update your knowledge of mental health and what influences it 

  • Practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan

Please note that the Mental Health England Refresher is only for people who have completed an Adult Two Day, One Day or Armed Forces Two Day Course. 


What do I takeaway?

On attendance of the half-day course, attendees will achieve a certificate stating you have updated your Mental Health skills, knowledge and experience to continue Mental Health England MembershipYou will also takeaway:

  • A manual to refer to 

  • A workbook including a helpful toolkit to support your own slef-care

Who is the Instructor?

Graham has a wealth of experience in senior leadership roles working in many sectors including premier league football and technology. Graham has managed colleagues suffering from severe Mental Health Illness and to short term Episodes whilst leading. He has also had to explore several personal coping mechanisms whilst working within a fast-paced modern world. With a Master’s degree in People Performance and Organisation Development, in 2010 Graham wrote a paper on the impact of well-being in the workplace therefore is available as a consultant to help people and business growth safely.

Client Feedback:

"A lot of in depth information to cover over 2 days surrounded by a large volume of slides via PowerPoint. In actual fact, Graham lead conversation and exercises embedding information in a better more concise way I found."

"Course was perfectly pitched. All of the content was relevant and useful. I feel much more confidant and empowered to apply MHFA. Only reason I scored an 8 on Q1 is because I will spend some time revising to remember everything."

"Course was led and facilitated expertly by Graham. He has a wealth of knowledge and was very engaging."

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