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Mental Health Coaching! 

60 minute session

£45 per person

*discount rates available on request

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COVID-19: Due to social distancing advice, Virtual training now available!

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60 minute 1-2-1 Mental Health Coaching Session


What is this session?

In these unprecedented times, POD Learning understands the impact the pandemic will be having on our Mental Health meaning we have to work harder to maintain positive Mental Health and take care of our well-being. With this in mind, we want to reach as many individuals as possible and offer our tailored confidential 1-2-1 Mental Health coaching session. This 60 minute session is designed for any individual and / or those in the workplace or currently on furlough. 

In discussion format via web or mobile call, the course structure includes the following content:

  • Introductions with rapport and coaching process

  • Key themes to discuss including non-judgemental listening

  • Conclusion to include: further support, recommendations and next steps

What do I takeaway?

On completion of the call, you will build confidence and self esteem to apply as regular as possible a well-being strategy that suits your lifestyle following the NHS five ways to well-being. POD Learning is hear to support for further Mental Health Coaching Session as and when required.

Who is the Instructor?

Graham has a wealth of experience in senior leadership roles working in many sectors including premier league football and technology. Graham has managed colleagues suffering from severe Mental Health Illness and to short term Episodes whilst leading. He has also had to explore several personal coping mechanisms whilst working within a fast-paced modern world. With a Master’s degree in People Performance and Organisation Development, in 2010 Graham wrote a paper on the impact of well-being in the workplace therefore is available as a consultant to help people and business growth safely.

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Client Feedback:

"Great course by the way it was delivered. Definitely an eye opener within some sections. Taught us to be more open minded and not be so quick to judge no matter what the situation!"

"Graham delivered the course in a way that allowed everyone to comfortably take part and share opinions and experiences at all times. His attitude and knowledge of Mental Health is brilliant and has helped me to take this into not only my daily job but personal elements of my life too. Thank you."

"A really fascinating, eye-opening and highly valuable course. Well delivered and easy to understand."

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