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Policy & Procedure! 



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Be Mental Health Policy & Procedure Compliant


What is this Consultancy?

POD Learning can guide your organisation with transparency by creating a written and digital Policy & Procedure bespoke to employees needs and industries diversities. With the well-being of employees paramount to people and business productivity, a clearly mapped Mental Health strategy will build confidence and trust allowing outcomes to be achieved safely.

In process involves the following content:

  • Identify current Mental Health trends

  • Analysis data to identify return on investment

  • Research cultural identify 

  • Interview and respond with an action plan to be applied

  • Review and monitor interventions 

What do we takeaway?

POD Learning will attend premises over an agreed time frames to dive deep and bespoke a specific Mental Health strategy. A completed 6 page report with practical strategies to apply and monitor whilst highlighting Leadership criteria to drive across the business.

Who is the Consultant?

Graham has a wealth of experience in senior leadership roles working in many sectors including premier league football and technology. Graham has managed colleagues suffering from severe Mental Health Illness and to short term Episodes whilst leading. He has also had to explore several personal coping mechanisms whilst working within a fast-paced modern world. With a Master’s degree in People Performance and Organisation Development, in 2010 Graham wrote a paper on the impact of well-being in the workplace therefore is available as a consultant to help people and business growth safely.

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Graham has a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of Learning methods and strategies, which has resulted in a consistent, proven track record of enabling people and organisations to fulfil their potential. Personable and highly engaging, he captives and motivates with effortless ease. He is resilient and principled, whilst not allowing his strive for perfection from preventing him from delivering results. He is an exceptional learning practitioner.”

Graham Hall - Learning & Development Manager, Amazon.

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