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Welcome to the POD philosophy.

With People Organisation Development (POD), you will find our motivated expert in staff training delivering well researched and designed programs to bring your employee’s performance to the next level of efficiency & productivity, resulting in lower staff turnover, increased profit margins and commercial growth for your company.

Tailor Made Solutions

We will design a bespoke training program delivering a clear objective whilst covering a range of variables to ensure both our facilitator and your staff are on a successful learning journey. By utilising a blended-learning approach, our training programs are designed to be interactive, engaging and refreshing! We believe no training group is too small or too large for us to work with!

The POD Process involves three steps.

Analysis & Design

Step 1

Our highly experienced training specialist will gather insight from our clients on how we can best solve people-related challenges facing their business. The consultation sessions will allow us to identify the performance gaps in your workforce leading to a specific outcome for action!

Delivery & Metrics

Step 2

Our aim is to ensure each of your employees will return to the workplace feeling empowered, motivated and confident! Our dynamic training methods will allow each learner to absorb the training subjects quickly and easily. A metrics evaluation report will be shared upon conclusion.

Assessment & Report

Step 3

Avail yourself of our bespoke on-the-job assessment packs. We will incorporate one-to-one coaching sessions fully facilitated by a team of qualified assessors. For queries on achieving Training Centre Status, reach out to us, as we are happy to commission a specialised program fit for purpose.

Graham has a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of Learning methods and strategies, which has resulted in a consistent, proven track record of enabling people and organisations to fulfil their potential. Personable and highly engaging, he captives and motivates with effortless ease. He is resilient and principled, whilst not allowing his strive for perfection from preventing him from delivering results. He is an exceptional learning practitioner.”

Graham Hall - Learning & Development Manager, Amazon.

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