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Welcome to the POD Talks.

We are excited to share our network to discuss all things


People Organisation Development.

At PODtalks, we aim to release a monthly episode sharing a variety


of experts in their field of performance.

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Graham Griffin M.Ed. will share his network to give you an opportunity to gain further insight to leverage performance and progress. Tom Davies B.Sc. will co-host sharing POD statistics as well as adding value to the conversation. We welcome individual feedback so as many constructive comments will be appreciated. Following this, we ask for your top 3 rated guest speakers after Series 1, Episode 12 so we can invite speaker's back for a live audience POD talks event. In the meantime, sit back, enjoy and happy listening.

S1:E1 - Holistic Wellbeing

Simon Shepard has been described as a nuisance. A Chartered Physiotherapist by profession, he is a disruptor who has worked at Lord’s cricket ground since 1991. In 2008 he co-founded Optima-life, a company that integrates knowledge from the worlds of business, health and sport to create an organisation that specialises in The Human Side of Performance.


In 2019 he added a B2C offering to his portfolio of businesses with Living Life Better – hopefully something that does what it says on the tin! He has a methodical approach that challenges individuals and teams to assess their performance behaviours; and with over 1.5bn data points at his disposal he underpins messages with science, bringing the concept of KHPIs (Key Human Performance Indicators) to life.

Listen in to this fantastic talk and comment via our YouTube channel - POD Talks.

S1:E2 - Event Guest Services

Matt Lynch’s experience with the Walt Disney Company early in his career began to shape his vision for how powerful a guest experience could be when you have an engaged and purpose driven front line team. He leveraged that experience to serve front liners in some amazing organizations both in the United States and the United Kingdom. 


Matt served in Major League Baseball for the Atlanta Braves from 2007-2013 as Director of Guest Services, opened The College Football Hall of Fame in 2014 as Vice President, Fan Experience and relocated to the United Kingdom as Head of Guest Services at iconic Wembley Stadium from 2014-2016.  Matt was on the opening team of Disney’s fourth theme park, Animal Kingdom in 1998 and opened Disney’s London Production of The Lion King in 1999.

Listen in to this fantastic talk and comment via our YouTube channel - POD Talks.

S1:E3 - Hospitality & Revenue Management

Grace Henebry’s journey as a hotelier spans 

across 20 years starting as a Hotel Management student in Osaka, Japan. As an intern at the 

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, she became hooked on

delivering exceptional service, learning a new culture and becoming fluent in Japanese!

In 2004, Grace moved to Dublin, Ireland and developed into the role of reservations at the world recognised Marriott Shelbourne Hotel. Further opportunities arose in the central Revenue Management based in London. Grace is now a Senior Cluster Revenue Manager for Hilton Hotels responsible for revenue streams of up to £300M and leading a team of 10 revenue managers. 

Based in the UK, Grace is passionate about revenue management, leading and empowering different generations to work together and encouraging a thriving mind, body and spirit.

Listen in to this fantastic talk and comment via our YouTube channel - POD Talks.

S1:E4 - Professional Development

Anthony is an accomplished, experienced learning professional with a long distinguished working career, starting at Royal Mail, before moving to Transport for London where he has covered various roles from Train Operator, Training Instructor, Training Design Manager, Professional Development Manager and more recently, Head of NVQ Centre.


Anthony enjoyed a 18 year career at Arsenal Football Club as a Matchday Steward progressing to a Matchday Assessor before developing into a Matchday Internal Quality Assurer in 2014. He was also involved in the development of Matchday Stewards training programme delivering in customer service, conflict and fire modular training.


A keen sportsman and cyclist who watches his beloved Arsenal FC when time allows!

Listen in to this fantastic talk and comment via our YouTube channel - POD Talks.

S1:E5 - Public Health Practice

Dr. Steve Laitner is a practicing GP in St Albans and a freelance health consultant. He has held public health and clinical leadership roles at local, regional and national levels before moving into the world of healthcare consulting.


Given his clinical and public health foundations Steve has a particular interest in Population Health Management (PHM) and lead the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) work on PHM, supporting Primary Care Homes and now Primary Care Networks. He also has a passion for shared decision making (previously the national clinical lead), patient leadership and service redesign.


Together with two colleagues he has established Living Life Better, a local business dedicated to supporting people in their health and wellbeing and in achieving success, however they might define it. They are currently helping local people and businesses overcome their challenges and achieve their ambitions.


He lives with his wife, three daughters and a dog in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Listen in to this fantastic talk and comment via our YouTube channel - POD Talks.

S1:E6 - Transformational 


Richard Smith OBE was an infantry officer in the British Army for 20 years, culminating in the command of over 700 soldiers. He has served in a number of conflict zones across the globe, throughout which he has retained his life-long passion for travel and learning about new cultures. 

He commissioned in to the British Army in 1999, with the next 20 years being shaped by the tragic events of 9/11. Always in leadership roles he has had the privilege of leading soldiers in some of the most challenging environments around the world, often alongside allies and civilian colleagues. 


Now working in the City of London he continues to be fascinated by transformational leadership, mentorship and how to build great teams.

Listen in to this fantastic talk and comment via our YouTube channel - POD Talks.

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