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A relationship between who we think we are, who others think we are and actually who we really are!

Team build is back!

As our workforce landscape evolves, business leaders are looking for ways to integrate and empower our Millennial's and iZens colleagues. Organisation leaders must be agile and flexible in rolling out initiatives to ensure their work spaces and environments allow diverse generations to work and thrive together.

POD coaching and consultancy can design and deliver for you and your team an effective and bespoke TeamGEN programme. 

Don't miss out and act NOW to safeguard your business and increase retention by understanding this unique time, 4Generations under one roof!

Contact us to find out more, we will be happy to assist.

“I have known Graham for ten years and have always acknowledged his professionalism in the industry he knows so well. Very good with people and projects, Graham is a person of influence and high standing. His attitude to work is meaningful and his performance is HIGH. Graham is a very good Trainer and develops people well in the way he coaches and mentors individuals, he knows how to get the best out of a person. I would recommend Graham to any organisation as he has a strong ability to transfer his skill set and experience to different situations. I would always vote to have him as part of the Team as he always makes a strong contribution and puts in 100%. Reliable, committed and a hard worker – Graham is a top team player!"

Mick Placzek - Human Resource Manager.

“Graham is a detailed professional who is very open to idea and input from fellow professionals, both in his home country and abroad. I have seen Graham operate as manager while at home in the UK and abroad in South Africa, developing and broadening his experience and CV. Most folk of his calibre spend time telling others what they know, he spent his time asking questions and challenging his own default position and thinking. This makes him very valuable. I wish him well at his new endeavour."

Darren Nash - Operations Manager & Facilitator, Johannesburg City Council.

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